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Monday, March 19, 2007


Send free SMS to any cellphone in the world with MobiK. The big difference between MobiK and other PC to mobile phone programs like Chikka Messenger or Yahoo Messenger is that you can send unlimited SMS. Chikka and Yahoo have limitations. If you send a message thrice without a single reply, you cannot send more.

So who actually pays for the SMS? MobiK is partnered with select sponsors worldwide. They just make a profit through ads whereby a video ad will automatically display everytime an SMS is sent.


Anonymous said...

well dude, i tried this tool. it works fine in Singapore. But I tried sending sms to my din said "no ad sponsors". looks like they operate only in a few countries.

come on, dont temme India is not a potential market for finding sponsors. India has got the world's largest cell phone using population

rob said...

wow, that's surprising.. no ad sponsors in india!