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Thursday, March 15, 2007

GooTube II

Amazing! Google drops 1.6 billion to buy YouTube and set itself up to get sued. The founders walk away with enough money to buy islands. This is too ridiculous! Well, the big losers would be the investors who bought stocks in Google at high prices just for it to drop until this case is resolved. If more media conglomerates join in and sue then Google is screwed.

From a logical point of view and not by the laws of copyright infringement, here are two views that may have been thought of by Viacom.

First, YouTube is a very ugly model to distribute content on. I wouldn’t want my million dollar Paramount and Dreamworks Pictures products distributed right next to a video of guys singing Backstreet Boys. Definitely, there’s a huge difference in terms of quality.

Second, if you think that allowing consumers to upload unlimited content for Google to profit on ‘is moving forward to the next generation’ then you are mistaken in my opinion. There is absolutely no incentive for media companies to create creative and innovative media if Google is the one who profits off of it.

If the case pushes through with no negotiations, Viacom will win the lawsuit. The media companies are now basically in the driver’s seat. If they all jump on the Viacom bandwagon and follow suit, then YouTube would have no choice but to shutdown or make a deal with the companies. Viacom is in a position of strength, Google isn’t.


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